The Classic 24 at Daytona is Pure Vintage Joy

“The Daytona Historic is pure vintage racing for 24 hours straight”

Most Classic racing usually only go on during the day, there’s no wonder why this is HSR’s most anticipated event every year. It doesn’t get better than the rumbling sounds of aged motors from yester year growling past you for non stop fun through an entire day (and night).


The amount of variety found within the entry list make the experience enjoyable for everyone, from 60’s Classic American Muscle to the forced induction of Group C prototypes it’s all there.

Some of the highlights from this year include the 2016 Alpine LMP2 & 2014 Rebellion Toyota LMP1, teasing a glimpse to the WEC’s return to the Sunshine State in March.

The greatest things about attending these events is listening to all the stories about all the cars history. Perhaps one of the greatest, was how the mint green Lola T70 (Pictured Above) was at Le mans to be a part of the famous Steve McQueen movie “Le mans”, however it ended up being forgotten about and remained inside its container during shooting.

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